Yoga Alliance 300 Hr Yoga Teacher training..


                             (Next 300 hour training begins Friday, May 3rd, 2019)


This teacher training will run one weekend,  Friday, Saturday and Sunday,  a

month for 12 months. It is open to all Yoga Alliance registered teachers who have achieved 200 hr status, and once completed, all students graduating will be eligible for 300 hr and 500 hr Yoga Alliance registration. 


Our 300 Hour Yoga Alliance Teacher Training Program will provide an advanced continuation of solid foundation from which students can grow into their highest potential as practitioners and teachers. Our instructors guide students in understanding the technology and language of yoga on the mat as well as advanced asana and teaching techniques, while also learning how to incorporate the philosophy and practice of yoga into the rest of their own and their student's lives.

Our beautiful studio creates a sacred space for learning, so that your teaching will come from a deep personal experience as you

continue on to teach with confidence and gain advanced skills for centering yourself and your students.

Curriculum topics will include:

**For the first time, we will be including the entire 30 Hr Naam TLC course as part of our 300 hr Curriculum..** (The investment for this course, alone, would be $600.00)


The intermediate series of Ashtanga Yoga.. practice and teaching, philosophical discussion, chants, pranayama, breath, bandhas and drishti


Study of the Ashtanga 8 limbs of yoga

Learning to assist and adjust (verbally and physically) students in advanced  poses.


Using Yoga to heal and Restore


Modifications for advanced asana

Keeping students in your class safe

Yoga Philosophy, study of Pantanjali's Yoga Sutras, the Bhagavad Gita, and beyond, the teaching of philosophy to others.

Hindu Mythology


An Introduction to the history,  philosophy and practice of naam yoga

the science and use of mudras


Advanced Pranayama techniques, advanced chanting. 

applying anatomy study to teaching

advanced meditation techniques


Shaping the future... Children's Yoga

Ongoing ethics, and the business aspect of yoga

Students will study at the Yoga Yama Studio, 13 North Ocean Avenue, Patchogue, New York 11772 (516-902-7297)

**this is an official Yoga Alliance 300 hour teacher training, and strictly complies or exceeds the Yoga Alliance requirements for registration. All students completing this course will be eligible for RYT 300 hour registration. Students will be responsible for the purchase of all books on the required book list. Students will be able to take classes at Yoga Yama at the reduced rate of 10 dollars a class, and are required to take one class a week in order to graduate.  Please call Jim for more info, or to register. 

Our Yoga Alliance teacher trainings.. How they work.

In order to accomodate students who cannot take off from work, our teacher trainings run one weekend a month for 12 months. This gives our students time to aquire their certification in a way that fits into their life's schedule. It also allows the studen time to assimilate all that they learn, and to practice each month between weekend of instruction.This process will include classes and practice  in asana, yoga philosophy, anatomy as applied to yoga, meditation, business practices, and the morals of yoga, as well as hands on teachings and practice in the art of teaching, safe adjustments, and knowing and caring for the safety and physical as well as emotional well being of your students. All students will also be required to pass a midterm and a final exam which will include questions on all of the above along with an added hands on  practical exam.

Class Dates:


May 3,4,5

June 7,8,9

July 12,13,14

August 2,3,4

Sept 6,7,8

Oct 4,5,6

Nov 1,2,3

Dec 6,7,8



Jan 10,11,12

Feb 7,8,9

Mar 6,7,8

Apr 10,11,12


Classes begin Friday, May 3, 2019 at 7:00 PM





(paid in full before first day of class)

((monthly autopay option, with contract,  will be available as well))


Please call Jim at 631-286-4580  for more info. 






13 N Ocean Ave, Patchogue, NY 11772


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